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Песня Leper Jerusalem от Melechesh: на нашем сайте это без оплаты и даже БЕЗ проблем.

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Артист: Melechesh

Название произведения: Leper Jerusalem

Длительность mp3 записи: 03:47

Датировано: 2014-12-29

Просмотров: 161

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Текстовка песни:

What lurks within, your parallel twin
The magnificent source of my construction
Lustrate rancour on the trident of the righteous
This is your domain paranormal and meta-typical
You are for none, you are for all
Untouchable, this city remains

A leper - An addiction

Ordained to suffer, though you ask it not
Your charred relics restore you
For brilliance is your catharsis
A kaleidoscope of enigmas
Your roots are a maze
Speak to me my Jerusalem

A leper - An addiction

The paradox

Never quenching the seekers' thirst
For magical extraction from the soil
Radiating enchanted dust
Uru Salim, (as) named by Akkad's seed
City under the surface of the distracter
Enchaining the sub-spirit, you control the weak
My Jerusalem, you remain in my soul
A leper - An addiction

Leper Jerusalem - Melechesh
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