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Песня Destined To Shine Destinada A Brillarin English от Mercedes Lambre: на нашем сайте это без оплаты и даже БЕЗ проблем.

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Артист: Mercedes Lambre

Название произведения: Destined To Shine (Destinada A Brillar)in English

Длительность mp3 записи: 01:04

Датировано: 2015-01-20

Просмотров: 310

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Текстовка песни:

No one's ever gonna say "no"

When you look so much like me
Nothing really matters all I want is
Just to dance and to sing

Watch and learn and you will see
What makes me different inside
I am a star and I am destined to shine

Oh-oh-oh, we are so beautiful
Oh-oh-oh, we are so wonderful
Oh-oh-oh, we are the only ones

Every place and every way
I'm gonna shine

Mercedes Lambre - Destined To Shine
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